UC Berkeley Student Travel and Independent Fieldwork Grant Program

In 2024, The California-China Climate Institute is accepting submissions of proposals for small travel and independent field research grants from University of California at Berkeley students (undergraduate or graduate) for thesis, pre-dissertation, or dissertation projects relating to China and/or U.S. (national and subnational) climate, environmental, and energy policy. 

The final output will include:

  • 1-2 page report with key findings
  • Presentation during the Fall Semester with other grant recipients
  • Blog with 1 high quality photo 

Award Amount 

We are accepting proposals for awards of: 

  • Up to $7,000 to support international fieldwork and travel needs related to independent research objectives; or
  • Up to $5,500 for US-based travel and research.

A maximum of 1 award will be granted per student per graduate career. 

Eligibility and Application Process

Currently enrolled students (undergraduate, and graduate) at UC Berkeley are eligible to apply. Please apply by April 1, 2024.

To apply, please complete this form and submit the following:

  • Proposal (limited to two pages in length), and including the following components:
    • Problem/Issue statement;
    • Background and context, including policy relevance;
    • Research plan and timeline;
    • Anticipated findings and potential benefits of the research contribution for advancing climate policy and your academic career;
    • Budget, limited to major line items (airfare, transportation, lodging, food, data collection).
  • Current CV

For questions, please email ccci[at]berkeley.edu